New yoyofficer zealot and hatchet


Will you guys be carrying the new yoyofficer zealot and hatchet plus ? If so, when do you expect to get it in ?


Funny, I was scanning the forum to ask this very question. That Hatchet+ looks mighty tempting.


Yep! Should be online next week.


While ur here, Are u guys getting the new moecap fingerspin caps?


Given the price of the Zealot, I plan on getting one of these too.


Sweet !!!


Yoyo officer is the bomb ! Love that company and their throws.


Never heard of them, pm me some info and I can look into it though.


They’re up!


Got one of each. ;D


Nice! I grabbed a Zealot myself, really fun throw.


Just pulled the trigger on a Zealot. Looks like a great little throw.


Black Zealot for me! The Hatchet looked sweet but I’ve grown cautious of bi metals (prone to vibe in my experience)



Got one of each also !


I was wondering why these products are not up on the main page? Normally, new releases are featured there. Why are these new releases not featured on the home-page like others?


To all who have the Zealot, what are your thoughts of it? Thanks ;D


My Zealot arrived yesterday morning. Threw a string on it and didn’t put it down for about 4 hours. Seriously good little yoyo. While it’s not organic in shape, I think it plays quite a bit like a Parlay. It’s pretty unforgiving…it will go off plane if you don’t do your part, but that just forces you to focus more. My Zealot is almost dead smooth and it has a really great grind finish. Overall, I think Zealot is a fast and maneuverable little fun machine.

(Spinworthy Glen) #18

The Zealot is a really cool yoyo. Although I had a bit of a say in it’s design, I never got to throw one before I left YYO.


The double rim does look cool and I like the price…


When did you leave yyo