New YoYoFactory Release! The Evan Nagao WEDGE!

Lets talk about WEDGE. It’s the next step for us in plastic. It’s good. Solid. No it’s not a metal yoyo but it’s a darn good plastic one and most of the time, that’s more than anyone needs.

Molded from polycarbonate with a solid Aluminum hub this yoyo encapsulates Evans play style and penchant for massive tricks. It’s big, wide and powerful – Capable of handling anything anyone can throw at it! It FingerSpins like a champ.

Evan has been working hard, a USA National title being evidence of this, and he wants the next generation of players to be able to experience his style of play through design before moving up to his elite signature EDGE. The WEDGE gives you this opportunity. And for any players who have already experienced the EDGE, you can now use the WEDGE as your ultra durable, take anywhere daily player!

If anyone who picks one up also owns a Northstar Fingerspin, I’d love to hear opinions on both.