Can you explain it a bit? I’m kind of puzzled how it’s used.


oh snap! so like if you put the perfect amount the yoyo is just in the air floating by itself?


seriously. video. now. THAT’D BE SICK!


No, it’s like a big floating counter weight.


Coming soon




Just like cw, but it FLOATS!!


hehe that’d be funny. Imagine it.
You put way too much helium in by mistake,

Mom! My yoyo’s stuck on the ceiling! Can I borrow a ladder?


Oh you could just dat in competition because it’s technically a counter weight


That sounds awesome! It would take a lot of helium to lift a yoyo if that’s what your trying to do.


I think it’s not the same because its floating, it makes tricks way different.


No, I’ll try to get up a vid.


Ok, I think I understand what your doing.


It floats pretty well, it can stay in a trapeze on one finger.


After this we need to try the opposite, water.


make a video now!!!



Seems interesting but I think the dynamics of the balloon slowing stuff down and bouncing around could make for some interest unpredictability.


It would take a lot more helium than you think to do that.


It’s crazy.