New YoYo String Lab 50 Packs!

YoYo String Lab Type X and Ammo Now Available in 50 Packs!

[b]TYPE X:[/b]

I don’t see the pricing for the 50 packs. Am I missing something?

What packaging do the 50 packs come in.

The 50-string packs and pricing are at the bottom of the color options pull down menu.

The 50-string packs come in a clear pillow style box and are zip tied at the top of the bundle so you can pull them out one at a time and still keep the bundle together.

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Nice! The 50 packs are appreciably more economical. :slight_smile:

What fantastic news! Today is a glorious day indeed. ;D

In case you’re wondering, “What about 50 packs of Venom?” We’ve got you covered. We’re in the Lab mixing it up now.

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