New trick... floss...

Give me your input.  8)

That’s sweet! ;D. Your bearing is reeeeeeeallyyy load :o. And the music goes great with the ending!

yeah… that bearing is funny… but what the heck. It works.

Whoa buddy! That’s crazy good! :smiley: Not a fan of the song, but I enjoyed the trick.

Sweet trick.

Sweet. Might want to mute the sound from the footage so you don’t hear the bearing, but whatever. Nice job. Keep it up.

Nice, very smooth. One of the biggest problem I have with homeade tricks is configuring them so there smooth. The only thing is, i’m not sure you can call the ninja vanish at the end part of the trick… it’s more of a combo. Impute, imputed.

1000 out of 5 :o

Tutorials man!!! OMG fits with my style!!!