NEW throws added! Time to downsize, variety of throws for trade/sale

Hey yall! I’m willing to consider any money or trade offers here, just looking to reduce some volume in my collection. Some are dinged, scuffed, vibey, etc. so don’t be afraid to lowball me here if you ask about one and it’s scuffed. There’s some great options here if you’re just starting out a collection and want to try out a few new shapes for cheap. Let’s talk! Prices are flexible and include shipping (conUS) and PayPal G&S, will do discounts on multiples.

Trade/Buy interests: Turning Point, Spinworthy Survivalist, Trion Crash, Frozen, any interesting or fun plastic/delrin/hybrid throws, clear/black/brass OD side effects, cool looking saturday markets, also looking for a SPYY Radian Super Light and El Ranchero :cowboy_hat_face:

Row 1-
Recess Joyride------------------------- ~$20 (1 small scuff, string vibe)
iYoyo Veritas---------------------------- SOLD
UNPRLD Abduction------------------ ~$30 (small scuffs, vibish)

Row 2-
YYF Uppercut---------------------------- ~$20 (vibey)
YYF Kapital------------------------------- ~$50
Basecamp Expedition--------------- ~$20 (dinged, little vibe)
Topyo Colossus V--------------------- ~$20
MYY Y03 Hertz------------------------- ~$15 or $5 as an add-on (small ding)

Row 3-
OD 1to1------------------------------------- SOLD
OD Halifax--------------------------------- SOLD
General Yo Prophecy----------------- SOLD
Amplified Juke------------------------- ~$50 (tiny marks?)
Retic Atra---------------------------------- ~$20 (raw marks, vibey)

Row 4-
Sturm Panzer Star Chaser-------- ~$65
Rebellion Dread------------------------ ~$60
YYF Will------------------------------------ SOLD

Row 5-
Alley Cat 650b------------------------ SOLD
Zeekio Slim Jim---------------------- ~$30
iYoyo Sunrise (pink marble)---- ~$15 or $5 as an add-on

MCMO----------------------------------- TRADED
G2 Wolf (glitch)--------------------- ~$55 (rim scuffs, mild fingernail vibe)
Sengoku Hattori-------------------- ~$95 (one tiny mark)
Mowl Surveil-------------------------- TRADED
random plastic from the thrift store: free add-on to whoever wants it :joy:

My feedback thread: Mag Trade Feedback Thread


How much for Retic atra and joyride? And what is the condition? Thanks :slight_smile:

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Heya, thanks for inquiring! I swear I’ve never dropped the atra, but as you can see here it has some marks, I don’t have any other raw throws, but I guess they might be what you call raw marks? The joyride has a small scuff along the rim, but it won’t really show up on camera as you can see. They both vibe, the joyride a bit more than the atra, I believe due to some sort of axle stripping. The previous owner said the joyride was “buttery smooth” but it shipped to me like this. I believe if you have the patience you may be able to tune these to your liking. For any further discussion I kindly direct you to my DMs :smile:

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Well yeeah, I have two raws and also have those marks :joy: Now I am interested in that raw model only, the vibe it have is only fingernail? Or string vibe? Maybe I can tune it out. Where are u from? Can you ship to Slovakia? :slight_smile: Thanks

I also like that expedition, whats the condition? :slight_smile: Just don’t be from US :frowning: because shipping will be expensive

Oh yeah, I am from the US. I should have probably mentioned that in the post, haha. It looks like shipping to Slovakia would be an extra 15 USD, sorry about that… Anyway, the expedition has some dings and vibe as well. The raw atra’s vibe can only barely be felt on the string when you smooth it out with a finger. Again, please PM me if you’re interested so that this page doesn’t get too cluttered.

How much for the OD halifax? And what’s its condition? Thank you

Hi! It’s pretty minty, no damage that I can see and dead smooth. Right now, I’m waiting for someone’s response for it. I’ll PM you if it sells or doesn’t sell, thanks for your patience. :pensive:

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Bump, added some new stuff!