NEW stuff priced to sell - Looking to clear house here

Some great yo-yos here, what a shame I’m in Australia.


I had quite a few DMs about the kraken trying to get back to everybody later today .

The snack is a little beast. Great throw


PM about Baryon

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It’s become my favorite EDC. Especially when I’m at work. Easy for landing hop elements long as it’s not a knuckle landing. lol. Forces me to be crisp with combos. Not much time to correct any lean before it spins out if I’m sloppy. Def a top value throw, even at the retail price.


It really is a great size and shape for carrying and plays almost as good as a full size yo-yo. You just need to be a little more careful since it’s a little thinner when landing tricks.


Bump price drops .

bump more price drops everything must go .

Is the downbeat one of the 20/20 revisions or is it the older one? And if it’s the older one is it still available? I’ve been wanting one of the 70g downbeats for a while but couldn’t ever find one. I’m willing to buy or trade if you’re interested. I have a handful of different OD throws in varying condition that I could stand to lose.

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Gonna message you about OD throws

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Sorry this is the 20/20 I’ll update the listing forgot they had two types

Sorry Daniel I just realized that you DMd me about the kraken. I thought I had got back to you but I had so many DMs about it I think I missed yours . It was sold unfortunately. I do have other ODs here though .

No worries I understand, I have a post up with the ODs im looking for, or if you want to dm me which you have

Bump .