NEW STUFF 5/28 -- One Drop Kraken, ILYY Noctu FS/FT

Got some stuff for sale.  No box unless stated.  Prices include PayPal fees and shipping (US only please).  Make offers on multiples!

ILYY Noctu $85 Cannot find any damage.  Has a bit of vibe I’d say.  Cleaned bearing and now it is loud as I value my knuckles too much to lube it.  Just found a red ILYY button to go with it.

One Drop Kraken $55 Martian Saucer I think.  Minimal Play time.  Very very near mint w/box.

OG Blasted Kuntosh - $55 Olive drab and gold.  No damage, comes with stock bearing and box. TRADED

OG Hardcoat Kuntosh$75 Black, no damage.  Has a centering bearing. TRADED

CLYW Dune - $65 Pink fade, no damage. Comes with box.  SOLD

4 Throw Bundle - $100 CLWY AC1 in Hulk Smash with box, YYJ Next Level, YYF Metal Replay, OD Code 2.  All except the replay have damage.  See pics for description.  TRADED

Thanks for looking!