New Spin Top from Strummol8 – The Metal STB!

Italian spin top maker Strummol8 has created some of the finest quality tops available and we could not recommend them more for serious spin top players! Their latest design is an all metal version of their popular STB spin top and it is fantastic!

This unique spin top is all metal with Nickel Plating to add a really nice weight and give it an amazing look. The top portion was treated with a hard oxidation which gives it that beautiful black color while the bottom portion was left untouched – The nickel will oxidize over time with use to give it an even cooler one of a kind look!

This is a limited edition spin top and the A-Grades come with a really cool spin top kit! The Complete Kit includes 3 tips (bearing, one way bearing, and fixed), a Strummol8 Spin Top Tool, and customized string all packaged into one of the coolest cases we have ever seen! What more could you ask for?

This looks fantastic! And it’s great to see another spin top option (nickel plated!) hitting the market.