New Release! The Unparalleled FLASH!

Unparalleled is a new company creating only the highest quality products for the yo-yo world. Their first model is the signature yo-yo of Yuki Nishisako – The FLASH!

Watching Yuki Nishisako perform, you’ll see a mix of blurringly fast speed, intricate tech, and risky slower paced bangers. The Flash was designed to fit his unique style and serve as a superbly versatile yo-yo, rather than just another bi-metal speed yo-yo. It has an impressively maneuverable feel on the string and the bi-metal weight distribution successfully allows the Flash to move as fast or as slow as the player wants to push it without sacrificing stability.

The Flash has a flat hub for fingerspins and a stepped gap design that gives the thrower maximum control even switching between on plane and off pane tricks, making horizontal tricks a breeze. Pair that with a wide catch zone, a powerful spin, and a light overall weight – The possibility for new tricks is Unparalleled!

Stability, speed, control and precision – The Unparalleled Flash will take your performance to a new level!