New Release form WHIMSY – The Aloha Encore!


Whimsy has been quiet for a while, but that doesn’t mean they’ve been asleep! They spent the last 2 years restructuring their team and conducting research and development for their latest release – The Aloha Encore!

The Aloha Encore is the improved and refined version of Whimsy’s best-selling Aloha. While Whimsy has always been focused on creating yo-yos with a fun and playful theme, the Aloha Encore caters to players looking for competition level performance!

This yo-yo features a bi-metal construction with an aluminum body and stainless steel rings fitted inside the cup. The shape is similar to the original Aloha, but the updated bi-metal construction gives it a powerful feel on the string, a comfortable feel in the hand, and enough speed and stability to keep up with any routine.

We are thrilled to see Whimsy back making yo-yos again, and if the Aloha Encore is any indication of what they’re going to do next then you should be thrilled too!