New/old Yoyojam Protype Revised

Now that Yoyojam came out with the idea of center weight rings and the solid spin axle system… is it time to bring back the yoyojam prototype (the one where the rims spins and you could hold it and not really lose spin time) back? Well the weight is the problem but yea if they do bring it back but in a better version I would buy it even though it’s heavy but it would be still BEAST to have 1 for the collection! Not that Audley yo yo rip of version where it wobbles like there’s no tomorrow. Whats your opinion Andre/community?

I remember seeing the Synergy and thought it looked really cool. I would like for them to make it. But I understand if they don’t want to.

The synergy prototype also wobble like its no tomorrow.

But I like to see YYJ got another shot for the idea.