New Mighty Fleas

(Kei) #1

Hey just found out new Might Fleas coming next week! Look at the NEWS.
Any ideas on Price?


Should be around $45. That is what the original was priced around.

(Kei) #3

Nice! Want one for fun.


What about the Big Deal(the MF with hubstacks)?

Are those coming next week as well? Or later on? Does anyone know?

(Q) #5

Again! Kei, GREAT FIND!


If its really only $45 i’m going to be getting one. It looks to fun to pass up haha. Same with the big deal lol

(Q) #7

You’ve spent enough money!

(Punchline101) #8

I’m pretty sure it’s the vidios that come out next week.

(Kei) #9

ReallY? In the description it says: “These are enroute and should be ready for official release next week! The Flea may be small but don’t let its size fool you – it packs a whole lot of play and fun!”

I don’t think they would have an official release for a video. But IDK. HOPE THEY DO! ;D




Why did you bump this thread?


yeah…total necro now.


Im so getting one.mabey


dojo, this is a year old post.
and they’re really terrible. They’re fun for about 5 minutes, then they’re just… bad. lol
I bought one yesterday from a local store for $35, then I returned it 10 minutes later. It was pretty cool, and unique. But the store didn’t have the right string, so I couldn’t get a tight bind. and it slept for like 20 seconds.

(DOGS) #15

I’m sorry dynikus, but I can only blame you for those issues. I can rock a flea just fine, and I do.

EDIT: I was gonna start off this reply by saying I’m only making the year-bump thing worse, before saying “screw it”, but I forgot to.