New Japan Tech Titanium – The Ribira!

Japan Technology is known as a leading manufacturer of high-end offstring yo-yos and after the release of the Fireal they proved their ability to make one of the best competitive 1A yo-yos around. Now they’re entering the Titanium market with their latest release – The Ribira!

The Ribira is not just a yo-yo made from titanium, it is a yo-yo design that would not even be possible without titanium. Japan Technology didn’t cut any corners; they spent almost 2 years researching different types of titanium, discovering new manufacturing methods, and constructing multiple prototypes until they finally reached perfection.

Once you throw it you can tell the Ribira isn’t just some expensive collector’s item, it’s as high performance as a yo-yo gets with a level of play that will rival the top throws on the market. The walls are cut thin to distribute the weight exactly where it’s needed and the stepped profile gives you a softer competition level design that still feels comfortable in the hand.

Fast, stable, light weight, and with enough spin to power through any combo, the Ribira is here to set a new standard for titanium yo-yo design!