Precision machined plastic gives the iCEBERG a silky smooth feel on the string and the broad steel rings amp up the stability and spin time to the extreme! It has all the performance you expect in a competitive bi-metal design, but less intimidating thanks to the lightweight plastic body. And if you didn’t notice from the first glance, it features a custom concave hub for all you fingerspin fanatics!


The iCEBREAKER is CNC precision machined in a beautiful clear polycarbonate plastic. The grind friendly machined polycarbonate gives this yo-yo an amazing feel in the hand and a silky smooth feel on the string. It also has a superior bounce which many high level 4A competitors are looking for.

It has a balanced feel in play with an impressive spin power through combos. And the iCEBREAKER is one of the first Offstring yo-yos with a special fingerspin Zone. iYoYo thinks that fingerspins can play a big role in Offstring and we can’t wait to see players work this element into freestyles!