New here, still trying to find my "type"

Well, i’ve been throwing for a little over two months now. I use to do it when i was in middle school but the fad came and went. Here I am, grown, back at it again.

I currently own a SPYY Ronin, YYF 888x, and a YYJ DM2. My favorite being the 888, so I think i may favor undersized yo-yos. The DM2 feels too bulky to me now. The Ronin doesn’t feel bad to me or anything, i just love the way the 888 fits in my hand and how quickly it moves.

What would you guys recommend I check out knowing that information? I was looking at a onedrop cafe racer but I dunno how much I would like that weight (or lack of).

cafe racer is a beast. But the One Drop dietz its AMAZING also

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Hmm, just checked out the dietz. I like the look, especially the yyexpert edition colorway. Thanks.

The 54 might be a nice fit, or the Mark Mont Next, both by One Drop.

A CLYW Bear vs. Man might be good. It seems to feel around the undersized range. If you want smaller, a Campfire would be a nice fit.

The 54 seems a little bigger than what I’m looking for, but the MarkMont Next fits the bill nicely. I really would like a CLYW but it seems the only way to get one is through trading.

Soo that leaves me deciding between the Dietz and the 54, and the Dietz has a more interesting colorway… Anyone else have any suggestions?

You’re going to have to go through BST for the 54’s too. But, you can get some stuff in fantastic condition and wonderful deals.

As far as CLYW, don’t let the BST put you off. Again, fantastic deals on items in mint condition sometimes as well.

I’ve gotten all my CLYW and One Drop yoyos through BST so far.

I can’t say anything bad about the Dietz. I’m very pleased with the One Drop products that I have. I wouldn’t mind getting more in the future.