New General Yo PROPHECY!

General Yo is constantly pushing the envelope of yo-yo design and function. They make some of the finest performing and highest quality yo-yos on the market and we are pleased to announce their latest design – The Prophecy!

The Prophecy was one of the most challenging designs Ernie has ever thought up. For a long time he wanted to create a yo-yo that lends itself to the popular fingerspin tricks and horizontal play, and after 3 prototypes he’s done it! When you throw the Prophecy you can just feel all the work that went into every little detail, from the smooth curved profile to the fingerspin friendly cup design, this yo-yo was built to perform!

The unique cup design of the Prophecy reduces center weight while still providing a smooth central circle for powerful fingerspins. It has a nice curved v-shape design that gives you a wide catch zone and a rim heavy weight distribution that provides long spin time and stability. This release of the Prophecy has been blasted and anodized in the signature gen-yo blue with clear and left unengraved to give you that classic General Yo feel!

Fast, light, stable, and a blast to fingerspin, the American made Prophecy is an amazing high performance yo-yo and a real standout in the General Yo lineup!