New from sOMEThING - The Double or Nothing!

sOMEThING created the Double Or Nothing as a true challenge yoyo and it has been used in many of their contests across Asia for just that!

This slim-line yo-yo is fully unresponsive with high walls, really high actually, about as high as walls can go on a yoyo! It’s unforgiving, but also perfect for dialing in your routine or just slipping into your pocket to take with you on the go. Even hitting Double Or Nothing on this yoyo can be a challenge, so if you can land your toughest tricks on this, you can land them on just about anything!


Will it fit a 1/2 spec C for responsive play @YoYoExpertGarrett ?

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Yeah looks like it should fit. The stock axle (8mm) is too long though, you would have to find a shorter one or cut one down. But holding the 2 halves together with a 1/2 spec bearing looks like it works.