New from Rebellion – INVADERS MUST DIE!



This is the second bi-metal design from Yoyorecreation’s Rebellion line – Invaders Must Die! From Start the Riot to Invaders Must Die, the Rebellion names are getting a little strange, but if the yo-yos keep playing this good we say keep em coming!

The Invaders Must Die is a high performance v-shaped yo-yo that features some nice stepped up stainless steel rings designed to pack a lot of weight right where it’s needed on the very edge of the rims. They give this light weight yo-yo a crazy powerful spin and long spin time that you would expect from a much heftier model.

Everything you’re looking for in a new bi-metal design, the new Rebellion Invaders Must Die is fast, maneuverable, and has enough spin time to power through your longest combos twice!


That width reminds of the SuperStar Bimetal.


I don’t understand this comparison. This yoyo has a width of 43mm and the superstar has a width of 42.05mm.

If you are referring to the profile shape, they are quite different. The superstar is more rounded off while this is straight.

All they have in common is that they are bimetals and made in china.


Well, that little groove that it has reminds of the SuperStar, and yes, they are both bimetals which also contributes to it. I wasn’t referring to the size, just the shape.


^^I can tell you what’s NOT similar between the two and that’s the price! ;D


The width reminds me of 90% of all yoyos being made right now haha