New combo and thoughts?

So I created this today but I need to make it smoother but I’m overall happy with it


love it!

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Love the slack elements! And the glow in the dark string!


That is slick!

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Video not working for me :frowning:


Same for me - video won’t play :confused:


Was also having issues playing it. I was getting an access denied error trying to view it but I just tried again and was able to view it by viewing directly. Maybe you’ll also have success with this method.

Right click on the video player, “copy video location”, new tab, paste & go.

Vid won’t play for me either. I tried the “copy video location” trick but no success with that either. Bummer.

Strange. I watched it 3 times earlier but now I can’t play it either.

There we go

It’s fixed

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You can watch now

Ah, I was just about to reupload for you lol, managed to save the cached copy I had. Sweet combo!


Thanks for the heads up that it’s fixed @Sutton.yoyos. Well worth the wait as I’ve watched it 5 times now. Pretty awesome. Well done!

Thank you man I really appreciate that