New Clip Videos

Yo. It’s super easy to miss when a new yoyo video comes out. I think it would be nice to start a thread to help me and others keep track of new videos when they drop. I’m just talking high production trick videos. There’s a ton of vids that come out but I just want to keep track of a specific type of yoyo video so I’m going to lay down a couple ground rules to help keep this manageable and the theme tight.

Vids should be focused on tricks.
No vids with any voice over like blog post type vids.
Must be at least 90 seconds.
No POV only videos.
No “bedroom” videos.

I just made up these rules as a way to not clutter the thread and keep it a worthwhile resource so let me know if you think I should change something or if there is anything I should add. Please add new vids that fit the vibe of the thread when they drop.


Starting with this amazing video that dropped yesterday.


Dang harsh, Luna Haran shreads from the bedroom :face_with_hand_over_mouth::stuck_out_tongue:

Hah yeah she does. And I’ll see those on Instagram. Adding every single cool trickcircle would be super unhelpful and ppl can just use the post a trick thread. I just want a spot people can share new, well produced clip videos, because it easy to miss when they’re released sometimes.

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Oh i totally agree with the standard, i was just messin with ya

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A couple months old but still pretty recent, I think it’s worth linking just because I’m positive this will be brand new to people.


Might could update the title to be a little more precise about what this thread is for. Something like “New [or Recent] Trick/Combo Compilation Videos” might be more helpful at a glance. Cool idea though!

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