New Breed FT 5|5|5 FS!!!

Okay first is my New Breed
4.9 condition
Still smooth
Recently cleaned so it is a little responsive now and then
New YYJ, Fundametal (except DV888), one Drop, BBYY, SPYY
OFFER UP!!! The worst I can say is no.
Couldn’t post pics so PM me for Pics.

Next is my 5|5|5
MINT condition SUPER smooth
Standard large ceramic bearing
no stacks
$80 takes this beast home
Sorry but no international shippping (the white mark on the right of the 2nd skyline picture is a tiny scuff but the flash amplified it so it looks bigger) :stuck_out_tongue:

Ah poo… I want me a 555 soo bad…

ah thats too bad…

I want your skyline. The most im offering is a Black Hectic with Scratches and Scuffs here and there… I can add something like a bearing-less Aquarius or something to even out the trade.

Heres some pics of the Hectic.

I want to work something out for the Skyline.

Okay so unless Connor doesnt want to trade Skyline is out

i can give you a p2 for the skyline or 555?