need money fast!!(help me out)09 aqua 888,PGM,axiom/Great pakage deal

I am selling a plastic grind machine stack and mint for $25 shipped, the dark spot on the PGM are machine spot. all PGM comes like that
I am also selling a 888 09 aqua with a couple of small color rubbed off, is smooth as hell because it is just color, still almost mint and have 888 logo on the side(play like brand new) I would keep this but I have 3 already-$85 shipped
next is a satin AXIOM it has a few scratches maybe 1 or 2 dings you can’t even feel it. the outside is satine the inside is black still with the Axiom sign in there and it comes with ceramic kk bearing(comes with box)  -    $55 shipped
888+PGM=$100 shipped(save $10)
888+Axiom=$130shipped(save $10)
Axiom+PGM=$70shipped(save $10)
PGM comes with weight rings just took them off for cleaning
and if you don’t trust me
you can see my feedbacks on yyn
and my buy/sell/trade tread over there,50332.0.html

lol, didn’t you get that 888 from Tyler at DXL?

I got a different 888
that was kind of messed up


that is the one I got

888 price?

Wow. Those are in really good condition! My 09’ eight8eight is in orange, and it doesn’t have that eight8eight thing on the side. :-\

That PGM is tempting…

Is the computer included? :stuck_out_tongue:

in your dreams
no it is not

Whats the cost of each of them item? Can you put that up?

I did it is already up there

Ur not selling the one you got from Tyler for buying him lunch?

what color is the axiom ??? i dont no that color

it was black but once I satin it is silver on the outside and black in the inside

You don’t have to bump a topic more than once a day, even when posting in.

You did the same thing to your Axiom as I did to mine! :smiley:

price changed and is updated

How bout a Duncan cold fusion for the 888 pm me if ur interested

I don’t think that is fair
and I am only looking for cash

Then maybe you should put that in the first post instead of what you want for a trade?