need information on yoyo factory 888 2010 modle

ok first are new hub stacks a good idea from this wed site for this yoyo. and whats the barring size and is thare a bedder barring. and what string works best,and the string that came with it where do you git it? i might just ger kevlar string but is that good.

Well all the information I can give you is that the bearing is a large spec bearing (size c) also try working on your spelling sir.


Anyways, it uses a SPEC bearing size C. And no thing is 100% better than the other. Kevlar is a very good string, not necessary. I use 50/50 slick 6. Works great. Any string can go on any yoyo.

I agree with above ^^, watch your spelling.

If the hubstacks are working, no need to replace them.
Unless you’re playing a fire yoyo, kevlar is not needed. :wink: