Two offers for summit with box and the worlds tiniest pinprick

Offer 1:
Very near mint sebastian brock Bassalope

Offer 2:
Fools gold original CLYW BvM, has a few pinpricks
USA Made YYF Superstar signed by Ann Connelly, few pinpricks
PSG, even though i already have one

Offer 3:
Near mint cheif- blizzard!


Near Mint Burnside!


I wouldn’t do ethier, because I love the summit, dont own one, but love it. If you want to do an offer I would defiantly do #2, and I love Ann Connolly…
Edit: dude, DONT DO ETHER ge summit is amazing, and if you are sure you want to do them, why are you even thinking about it, #2!!! Its signed by a player that got best girl award like 4 times in a row! And its a superstar, those are good. Also any clue is going to be good and a fools fold doesn’t do too much to effect okay that much.


I need help fast!


I do like Anne!


I think the second offer is worth just a little bit more but I feel that neither match the value of the summit if it’s mint






Ann is an amazing player but the sebastion broch is a one of a lifetime oppertunity



(M.DeV1) #10

Personally I would keep the summit, but that’s just me. Both offers seem pretty lame. If anything I would hold out for something a bit better to come along.


Wait! Offer #3!

A near mint cheif and a near mint burnside!

(M.DeV1) #12

There ya go. In terms of value thats the best offer.


I’d do it, because in a different post u said the summit is good but not amazing. Thats a great offer. Price wise, the chief is like $130 and the Burnside $85 so that’s $215 and the summit is like (I think) around $130 so price wise yes. I’d defiantly do it if I were you. THREE THREE THREE!!!