Need help on my 888 08.

I just got a used 888 online and I cannot bind it at all. Does anyone have the instructions on this yoyo??? Also, what is the purpose of the hub stack and how does it works???

I don’t know how to blind it either. But if you mean bind just go to the top of the page to learn > intermediate > Bind Returns. I have the original classic 888. Hope it helps. :slight_smile:

Sorry the hubstacks are for pullstarting. You can watch videos on that.

Pull with your throw hand before you bind it.
As for the Hubstacks, they allow you to hold/balance the yoyo with your finger(s) or your thumb.

Hope this helped!

Oy vey… If you don’t know how to bind, put the 888 on a shelf somewhere so you aren’t tempted to use it. Buy yourself something like a DarkMagic to practice on. When you get passed most of the tricks on this site, then you should start using your 888. Way too many new yoyoers are buying the most expensive thing they can find but they don’t even understand the basic concepts yet…

Actually the bind works once in awhile but it takes 2 or more loops to get it to work. Most of the time it does not work as all. Could it be the recession pads??? Or should I get less unresponsive yoyo??? Anyway, when I sleep the yoyo it have a little wobbles/vibrates to it. Is it normal for an 888, because I bought it used. Thanks for all the help.

It is not the yoyo. The 888 is made to be very unresponsive. It is not a good yoyo at all if you don’t know how to bind. Buy a legacy or dark magic and learn how to bind on it.

Lets replace the word yoyo with the word bicycle. Some people learn with training wheels and some jump right on the bike and ride. You’ve chosen a yoyo without training wheels.

Buy some thick yoyo bearing lube, and watch as many tutorials/vids that you can find on binding an unresponsive yoyo. Search youtube, google, etc. I found that no single video helped me to learn, but the combination of videos, tutorials and practice. After watching a bunch of vids and a couple hours of practice and you should be able to get it. My first two throws were a Superstar and Lyn Fury which are both unresponsive similar to your yoyo.

Here is one video in particular that helped me to first bind my Superstar.

My 2¢

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