Need half a Supernova...not a for you

I need half a Supernova guy’s and gal’s.

Only received half in the mail from a scammer and now I want to finish what I started.

So if you have half a Supernova let me know all I require is that it has viable threads. Doesn’t need anything else just good threads.

I’m open to a whole beater but I’m looking to save some cash so make it cheap. I can trade if necesary, last resort, or maybe a powder coat job as payment. Cash is very available.

Help me out so I can get this thing off my shelf and spinning.


BTW I need a regular supernova, non lite, newer version if possible.

Come on peeps someone has to have something.

Hello…is this thing on!!!

Pretty please

Surely somewhere, someplace someone must have a poor beaten supernova laying in a corner wondering what it did to deserve the life it is living. Allow me to help this object live a full productive life as I shall reserect it and allow it to spread happiness and cheer through the world it touches.


2011? 2012? Lite? What kind?

Wow that’s quite the ripoff on you

It all ended good though. Now just need to utilize the half I have.