Need an ADVANCED Horizontal Trick

Okay, I know the basics, Skin the Gerbil, Skin the Hamster, and a couple other small things. What else can I learn from here?

Learn to go into a double or nothing from a trapeze by swinging it over your throwhand index, and from there you can get into some pretty sweet stuff, especially by doing figure 8 variations.

Also, if you want to learn, not create a horizontal trick, look up red halo.

Hmm… strange. I’ve never thought of doing that but that sounds brilliant.

Yeah because if you try to go into a standard double or nothing it looks sloppy. A little thing called gravity :wink:

Learn figure 8 if you haven’t then the, double roll figure 8.

Then transfer that to horizontal. Looks way too good.

Thanks all. But, how do I do a Figure 8?

look it up :slight_smile:

I just saw a Harrison Hurricane tutorial. Might learn that one.

Harrison Hurricane is a fun one not quite advanced but looks great. Try some of Jensens horizontals. I’ve tried them but they seem near impossible so you could try those.

Try a basic horizontal trick then do something intense

Learn some brain twister combos, they look really nice.

Red halo is probably th emost advanced horizontal tut out there :stuck_out_tongue:

Gotta start making your own, or convert your faster combos to horizontal.

I got a cool braintwister combo thats good for horizontal that I could show you if you’d like