Need a new yo yo

(ChickenDiavolo) #1

I have currently mastered all the beginner tricks with my power brain and I need something a bit better, that will give me long sleep times and that is good for string tricks.


based on your preferences, get an X-Convict


Dark Magic i say would be more of an advanced. X-con can be used for Beg-Expert


x-convict, but u shouldnt rate a yoyo by its spin time(you should mostly lol) get a yoyo that plays smooth…like any yoyojam yoyo!


yeah we cant realy tell you what is best for you, i have bought so many yoyos and only found a few that i realy like. So if there is a store or somthing like that were yoyo can just try them out that would be your best bet. i dont and have spent so much money trying to find the right yoyo.

(Connor) #6

Due to lack of owning an X-convict id say get the dark magic. But i did play with my ex-girlfriends little brother’s x-convict :stuck_out_tongue: lol. it played good. :wink:


id get the duncan freehand metal zero


Horrible choice.

(system) #9

no the metal zero is not the best choice for a beginner. no all metal yoyo is. unless they want a lot of bloody bruises.


Yes. Very true.