Neck tricks


what is an easy trick that goes around your neck? ???

thanks :wink:


5A Electric Slide

Check out the YouTube channel 5AGOAT for a video


need 1a

Iā€™m not good at 5a ;D




No need to bump multiple times in a day. :wink:

Have you tried 5a? How long? It takes a while to get used to it. Then it becomes really fun.


yea ;D

just cannot bring myself to cut down on my 24-7 1a practice :smiley:

Just joking ;D

I have tried it and do enjoy messing around with it but I LOVE 1A ;D

(YoYoBlaze) #7

This one is a pretty easy one.Ā  If you want more advanced ones I suggest making your own.Ā  These type of tricks are pretty fun to do:



thanks ;D