Nearly a year in reflection


When I am back in town next week after a mini-vacation, I will have been throwing exactly 18 months.

How far I’ve come since then. Maybe not far enough, but that’s OK. I’m not on a schedule.

6 months in, while on one of these mini-Vacations, I had a break as the vacation was winding down. I logged into the YYE site via the iPhone App and checked my messages and found out I was officially named as a YoYoExpert ForumXpert.

This is my view seconds after I discovered this news:

This was the first trip on my annual pass, which is set to expire in the 19th of 2012, so that’s why I’m squeezing in one last trip.

Not bad. 6 months in and I’ve become a ForumXpert. 4 months later I was running sound at CalStates, and then a tester/evaluator for the Square Wheels Royale. 2 months later, running sound at BAC. I also ran sound for 2 other smaller contests or events tied to yoyo.

At the end of May/Early June, I was again down in Disneyland, staying at relatives’ house. I was throwing to just unwind and the kids there were fastinated at my pathetic skills, so they wanted in. I had to go to a local store in Redondo Beach many of you know of, and purchased some Fast 201’s and a ONE to hand out and for them started. Tomorrow, after my 8 hour drive(could be as short as 6 hours), I will be meeting said relatives again and will most likely have to do a repeater lesson. I’ll also drop off some strings to keep them supplied in the meantime. Disneyland is usually an annual trip at the least, but I was also there in I think or February as well.

It’s interesting. I’ve come from behind the console to now being a “person of interest” within the community. It’s an odd feeling for me. I’m typically invisible, a position I enjoy. I do the sound, I do it better than anyone else, and that’s what I do. Now people want to meet me. I hope they aren’t disappointed when they see how bad I am throwing! I’m not saying I’m anti-social. As a sound engineer, I’m used to be treated poorly, but not for the purpose of being treated poorly, but for the purpose of it’s a stressful job that must be done and once I’m up and running, it’s key that attention shift to other areas. I’m not complaining, it’s the nature of the job and I thrive on it. So, don’t feel threatened. If you want to say “hi”, please do so. However, if it’s during someone’s freestyle, I may not be able to do anything except wave. I do want to meet any and all of you, but when I’m at a console, be it big or small, I must have my focus on the task at hand.

I’ve met a lot of amazing and interesting people. I’ve been having a great time ever since I picked up this activity. I definitely see me doing this for a long, LONG time. I’m quite happy with where this is taking me and I am anxious to see where this is going to take me in the future. I’ve come from nothing to almost being a something.

Thank you for your support. Here’s to many more years!


hope to cross paths with you one day.


You are a noble man, I only wish that I may one day aspire to be half of the “forum expert” you are. :slight_smile:


I too hope to meet with you someday, though highly unlikely since we are countries apart and financing the trip would be hard, for me anyways.