ive got an aqua dv888 as close to mint as you can get its got two little tiny scratches that dont effect it at all if your interested ill put up some pictures im looking about $50 or a coparable trade



u have a dv888! I wish i had one :-\


How about a Mighty Flea :slight_smile: :stuck_out_tongue:


i dont no are they really hard to use or do u think there fun? Did you get one and now you want to get rid of it because you used it so much it got old or did you buy one and hate it so you have to get rid of it? Id like to know your opinion ill post somme pictures soon


Mighty fleas are not hard to use, hard to get used to though, and if you can use it properly, it is very fun.

I would do this trade if I were you.


If you really want to do this trade, it comes with about 4 Perfect Fit Flea String, and original case with spare axle.



if you dont im trading samad my project for it


Wow, thanks. But I would rather have a DV888. That is, if he wants to trade.


some pics more to come


Orangeyo and I have made a deal, so this is mine!


samads getting a dv888 lol

mine rocks

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Awww man I WANTED that…I can afford a new one though, so…


i have a Dm dark blue if your interested in trading


We already made a deal :smiley:

But hes not responding to my PMs…


Uh ohs…XD
Prolly busy…
That happens to me ocassionally…


Nah, he couldn’t trade. Hes not allowed to ship his yoyo.

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