ND Ultra - new condition, want to trade it for something interesting

Just don’t care for the way my ND Ultra feels in my hand. It is like new, perfectly smooth, and known for it’s grind finish.

Would like to trade for something off the beaten path. Some of the metals/bi-metals I see on Ali Express look interesting - maybe you’ve got one?

Here are a few trade possibilities that are of lesser value, but combining a couple could do the trick.

MYY Carpfin
MYY M005 Magical
Non-plastic Yoyo Empire (no Tings, etc…)
Auldey Fierce Beacon (w/ lights)
Auldey Frozen Blade S

Don’t be offended if I do a rep check :slight_smile: All my feedback has been good - I had about 30 positive transactions w/ no negatives - but have only had a couple of transactions since the site migration.

Here are a couple of photos of the ND:

ND%202 ND

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Ya’ll should hop on this, the Ultra is good stuff :wink:



Bumping to the top!

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