nc states 2010

nc states will be held from 10am-4pm on june 12, 2010 at the children’s museum of winston-salem.
we’ll have beginner, sport, fixed axle, 1a freestyle & open freestyle divisions.

I’ll be editing this post, and as new info becomes available.

cant wait this will be my first comp

mine 2

I’m having a hard time finding the sign up…where do we register?

no sign up online yet.
you’ll be able to register at the door.

6/12 is coming up quick!

site updated with a TON of new sponsors, including:
YYE, YYN, YYJ, YYF, YYG, One Drop, CLYW, SPYY, Duncan, Hspin, Eric Wolff, James Buffington, and Barking Spider.
also, RSVP on ladderescape:

feel free to reply here if you’re gonna make it, or with any questions. i’d love to have a ballpark head-count.

umm ill prob. be able to make it

gonna be fun; hope you make it!!!

its tommarow itl be my first contest

Thanks to our amazing sponsors, and all of the competitors and their families!
Special congrats to Dash Chrisner, our new North Carolina Sate Champion!

Beginner F.A.S.T. Challenge:

  1. Jason Wykoff
  2. Cain Luke
  3. Josh Bailey

Sport Ladder:

  1. Mark Allen
  2. Tony Basch
  3. Cain Luke
  4. Helen _______

Fixed Axle:

  1. Ed Haponik
  2. Alex Curfman
  3. Samm Scott
  4. Uri Gottschalk
  5. Kyle Maxwell
  6. Steven Kinder
  7. Tony Basch


  1. Samm Scott 95.2
  2. Dashiell Chrisner 89.6 (NC State Champion)
  3. Gee Cheung 72.7
  4. Alex Curfman 72.1
  5. Charles Schluer 63.2
  6. David Maddox 48.6
  7. Chris Wilson 47.8
  8. Uri Gottschalk 36.9
  9. Connor Vranizan 34.7
  10. Max Jones 33.1
  11. Andrew Rudd 29.6
  12. Brad Pitman 24.3
  13. Jake Starnes 18.2


  1. Samm Scott 92.5
  2. Alex Curfman 81.6
  3. Kyle Maxwell 65.7
  4. Uri Gottschalk 64.3
  5. Steven Kinder 62.8
  6. Dashiell Chrisner 62.5

woot i came last in 1a

i was there.

i wanted to enter but i dont know why i didnt

johm how u like ur skyline and G(point)5

For all of you guys that asked about the Blue bouncy string on my Blue Bolt. It is called Fox Flex Magic String by Reds Threads or REDFOXDUDE.
I had a ton of fun at this contest and meeting a bunch of cool players. Congrats to all the winners! Maybe next year I will have practiced enough to enter.