NC state yoyo contest

I have some questions:

Do you have to pay to compete?

Can you do sport ladder and freestyles also?

where is it held?

When is it held?

Is there a charge for spectators?

Is there an online reistration?




i ran nc states for a couple of years. with my job, i don’t have the time to keep improving it every year, and i don’t want to run it if it’s not going to be a great contest. i enjoyed it because good friends would come down from other states, and we had some amazing freestyles… but running it didn’t seem to result in any increase in the number of nc players who would participate, which was discouraging.

i’d love to see another nc state yo-yo contest develop and would totally help with judging and/or participate (i had fun competing the one year i wasn’t in charge)… but if it’s going to happen again, someone will have to take up the reins.

where in NC were the competitions?

Salem… I think. I’d like to go as well.