nationals bay area idea thingy

Hi peoples. I couldnt go to nationals this year, and im pretty bummed about that, so maybe i thought other people in or around the sunnyvale/ santa clara/ California bay area could get together after or during nationals. I know that i might be stealing an idea, but still, i just felt like maybe people who couldn’t go to nats could actually do something. Maybe it should just be some kind of get togethe, or maybe people could actually get together and trade, compete, help each other, or just meet local yo’ers.
Im not sure, but i think this may be a good idea. I was thinking maybe around Ponderosa park, on the day or day after nats. im not sure.

What do you think?

PS. I know nats is still over a month away but its never too late to start early!

Well Josh (jayyo) has meets almost every month in San Francisco, sometimes japan town, and sometimes in sanjose