My Yoyo Woes

I’m writing this today because i did it again. walking into work practicing my front bind… it slips and hits the marble floor… i put it in my pocket and proceed as the security guard snickers at my failed attempt to look cool. During break i do an inspection to survey the condition of the friction stickers and find hairline cracks on both spacers. I’ve been very carful with my second proZ … and taken great care to not crush the spacers drop or hit the ground with it. Looks like i succedded in not crushing them this time but it looks like a hit to the ground combined with me probably still overtightening them is a recipe for disaster.

So now… i have two ProZ’s and no spacers… looks like it’s back to the basics until i decide what to do. Which isn’t all that bad… since i think i was diving into stuff i’m not quite ready for because i haven’t perfected the basics.

Much love to everyone,


who’s that rent-a-cop to be laughing at anyone?

if you’re moving onto binds and don’t want to break plastics, I have a beat up burnside you can have. it won’t break and you don’t have to be worried about damaging it because it’s already beat up. it plays nice still. let me know. :slight_smile:


What a nice offer! That’s exactly what drew me to the yoyoing community years ago and it warms my heart to see that spirit of giving still surviving today.

To the Original Poster: Take the Burnside!!! They’re fantastic yoyos that will last you a lifetime. No spacers to worry about and a shape that can take you from the basic bind all the way to advanced horizontal tricks and 3D rolls that continue to amaze.

buy a velocity so you can do responsive and unresponsive1

I’ve got a PSG you can have. It can take a beating and no spacer to ever worry about, and it’s free! I would try to sell it but I just don’t have the energy to put up with the BST message board. PM me your address. It will go out in the mail next day if YOU want it No other PM’s begging please. Offer only good for TURBOCHICKEN. Love that name.


I love the goodwill that’s come out of this thread, but I’m disappointed that it wasn’t named “My YoWoes.”

Wow… I was just sharing my frustration. Sure as heck did not expect this.

This is far far to generous sir. (after looking up the price) I have to decline. Find a kid who doesn’t have a job and really can’t afford a decent yoyo and give it to him. I have a job and can afford a yo… im good … there’s a better cause out there somewhere. I do really appreciate the offer though. Please do find someone in more of a pickle than I am…

I’ll take it… PM inbound. I promise to pay it forward sir.

I’ll keep an eye out for a beginner to gift one of these proz’s to… even without spacers it’s still a very decent first bearing yoyo to learn the basics on. If anybody knows of a deserving recipient or mentoring someone that is in need of a yoyo shoot me a pm.

Much Love,


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Look What arrived today :smiley:

Thank you for your generosity. It will be honored. You have my word. :o 8)

Peace and Love,


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I love this community!

Yes, the amazing people here! Also Turbo, Learn your bind and show that security officer who is laughing now. :wink:

Then Eli Hop in his face. Make your yoyo encounters with him more and more elaborate as the weeks go by for maximum hilarity.

Wow dude! Mad props to everyone in this thread! So great to see this stuff going on

Im in a cover band… I’ve had the duncan proz at the last two rehearsals. Our guitar player told a story about his school having a couple weeks dedicated to yoyo at his school for PE last rehearsal. I broke out the psg today as we were waiting for everyone else. I remembered his story…opened my bag and gave him the proz and said. “Here re-live some childhood memories” … Gave him a couple strings explained the friction sticker I kept on the cap and the ball bearing and how to put on the string.
It was cool watching him play… And say "this thing is cool! Thank you. "With a big arse grin on his face. I pointed him here if he need a refresher on some tricks.

makes me want to keep a cheap throw on me from now on… Just for this type of thing.

Awesome stuff in this thread. You guys seriously rock.

Just ordered a spintastics blade (for me) and some technics (to gift)…

It is downhill from here… Im hooked… Buying a yoyo I don’t need… And some to spread the love…

Im stoked!!!

Haha, awesome.

I can’t say I have ever NEEDED a yoyo. But I definitely WANT them all!