My Stackless PGM came without response pads?


Hey guys, I bought a new stackless PGM from yoyonation recently, and when I opened it, I noticed the recessed slots on each side of the yoyo. However, there’s nothing on the slots, it’s just 2 recessed rings.

I noticed that when I do binds, most of the time they don’t work. Is it because I need to put response pads into the recessed slots?


Yep, you need pads. Go talk to YYN customer service and get it straightened out.


Are the pads supposed to protrude out of the recessed ring?


No, they should be flush or slightly recessed.

(JM) #5

Check the little box in the top of the package. Most of the time there is just a string in there, but it’s not entirely far-fetched to imagine YYF putting pads up there too.

If you really didn’t get any, contact the store you purchased it from.