My Last Combo Question Thread (Help?)

Ok, here we go. My last combo question thread. I’m not going to ask 1 individual question per thread because… you just… don’t do that. So here it is all in one thread. Any help at all is greatly appreciated!

I started this thread because 2 days ago I made my very own really high tech combo, and am SO proud of it. So I practiced it enough to get it down. Now, after that, I felt like I can make up any combo I could possibly dream of, and dang was I wrong! I tried to make up another one, but I find it dang near impossible. Now I could probably make up a good combo, but it’s not the “style” that I want. I want my style to be just like How he gets his yoyo into one huge what I call “maze” of string. You might think that “that’s all yoyoers”, but I disagree, this guys’ style is very different with his “mazes”. I feel that Harold Owens has this style as well. So yeah, as I said, I made my first maze combo and I love it and am proud of it. Now that you kind of know more about this, lets move onto the main part of this, my questions.

  • = My question
  • = Other notes relating to the question

*ON AVERAGE how long does it take for one to make up a combo, preferably a “maze” one? (8-20 seconds long)
-I totally understand that it takes time
-I know that it defers from person to person

*I can get into some cool “mazes”, but I cannot get out of them in a rather smooth way. And I’m talking about both getting out of parts of the “maze” during the trick and while just getting out of the whole trick. Are there any tips for being able to get out of them easier?
-So difficult  >:(

*I can’t even sometimes start my combo from easy mounts like the Double or Nothing, or a 1.5 mount.
-I know it sounds weird that I can sometimes do it and sometimes can’t, but really though, it just depends on the day  :wink:

*After watching some pro yoyoers, especially the Jensen Kimmitt video where he wins 1st in Worlds in 2010, I though to myself “I can do quite a bit of that stuff”. And I bet I actually can. Does this mean that I am over/under estimating what I am/am not capable of?

*Lastly, I want to make up something. By this I’m not talking about during a kwijibo to a matrix to a cold fusion, I want to do something that is all new made up stuff, such as the stuff other yoyoers and that guy in the video does.
-I know for sure I have enough experience, but just not the creative mind to do so

These are really it for now, and I should be set for awhile. And one last thing as well. Please, for the love of John Ando’s mother, can you please not say “You just need more experience and knowledge”. I really, truly feel that I have enough knowledge, just not the creative mind. Once again, any help is greatly appreciated, thanks!

It’s kinda hard to do the “maze” stuff originally. My trouble usually is getting into that stuff. As to dismounting, what i do is stop the yoyo in the mount, grab the yoyo and try to find some way out of the mount, or some way into a slightly different position so it’s easy to get out of. Hope this helps.

To be creative you must think and act differently.

Possible questions to ask:

  1. What if I do this instead of that?
  2. Is that possible even though I miss it?
  3. How can I get there from here?
  4. What can I do that I haven’t done before?
  5. How can I do that differently?
  6. Can I make it feel better or unusual?
  7. How much tech, speed, direction changes do I want?

I really don’t consider myself creative with a yoyo so such questions help guide me when I’m attempting to create. I find it helpful to question what I believe about yo-yoing and try to look at it differently. Once, long ago, I was excited that I could play unresponsive on a responsive yoyo and Steve Brown commented, “waste of response.” That changed my perspective and my play. Thanks for that Steve!

That gave me the idea that I could use some response in my unresponsive play and mix it up a bit instead of just playing one or the other.

Some are more creative than others but creativity can be developed and nurtured. You just have to keep at it.

Yeah, That’s a big problem of mine as well. I can understand how somebody can make a few tricks like this, but, your whole style!? I honestly can’t believe that! Thanks for the help you two, you’ve gave me some awesome and helpful advice. And one more thing. Does practicing tricks like these help with making up even more of them?

for me, no. It just makes it harder because i’m trying to stay away from stuff i’ve already done.

That’s exactly what I was hoping nobody would say :frowning:

Well, we’re all having the same trouble so it’s not you.

Really? I thought I was one of a very few.