My First and Worst yoyo video!! Rainy Day!

Hey guys!! Well its raining here… I planned on making my entry for the YYF BombSquad video contest but the weather just laughed at me. So I decided to do some filming anyways.

Well my camera died on me… Not only was my filming cut short, a couple of segments were deleted. The best ones… And Im also sick… It sucks…

I almost dont want to post this because it sucks so bad… I can yo WAYYY better than whats shown, but this is what I have… And I figured… Why not… Who cares…

With out further stalling, here it is… And please dont make fun of my stupid tongue, I cant help myself…  :’(

New video is up!!

cool. I really like it.

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Woot woot woot!! Got a back up battery!! Shot some more footage!! Updating now!

cool video but next time try no to steal one of the names of my videos

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not bad at all.

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Thanks for all the comments! The updated version is up! Still sucks, but not as much!!
Skip to about 1:20 for new footage!

Thanks and sorry bro… But not counting mine or yours… There are six other yoyo videos named Rainy Day, and four were before yours…

i do that with my tounge too, haha i dont know why it helps me like focus or something, but yeah good video and nice t-shirt.

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anyways thats a really good first vid. me and my best friend agentflynn are comprising ours. =)

keep up the great throwing

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