My bearing has issues

I have 2 bearings…one that came with my g5 and another that came with a grind machine that I bought a year ago…

The bearing that came with my g5 lasted only 2 days before something inside the bearing caused it to be extremely responsive…I switched my g5 bearing with my grind machine one and a week later the same thing happened.

What should I do? ???

Clean it, maybe its just breaking in? Play with it more.

Clean the bearing. I can confidently say that it`s one of the best solution.

I’d say play both bearings for a week or so then make a decision as to if it’s bad. I’ve seen a lot of bearings do this and nothing but play fixed them.

so clean out the bearing with Lighter fluid?

take the bearing and figure it out.

Good help right there.

Search “cleaning yoyo bearings”.

You’ll find all the info you need.