Mr. Rogers

Hey guys, just finished my new video featuring my good friend Colter Calvetti. Hope you enjoy!

Wow, some beast tricks in there. Great entertaining video! Hadn’t heard that Mr. Rogers remix in a while. :wink:

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Some nice stuff in here from the both of you!

From a theatrical point of view, I have to say however, that I was a bit off put.

It was nice to see Colter’s shots changing angles and locations a bit. That greatly adds to the cinematic niceness of the overall video. But it unfortunately has less of an impact due to the fact that your own shots were all one angle from the same distance. I would have liked to see some variety on your part in terms of angles and placement within the frame. I think it would greatly enhance the video, and capture the mood you were going for. Also, I would like to see your tricks a bit closer Henry! You look like you have great stuff, but when the camera is pulled so far back, the eye takes in everything, and the yoyo and string becomes less of a focus, thus taking away from the tricks you are actually doing, from which what I can see, are very technilogically advanced and interesting.

Something to think about in future videos. I like the mood for sure, and the progression of both of your trick styles is awesome to see.

Good stuff!



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Thanks for the kind words Josh. :slight_smile: I love hearing your opinion, because with your many years of experience and knowledge of the sport, you always are able to provide useful critique that only makes me a better yoyoer. That’s definitely something that I will look into with future videos! :slight_smile:

Pretty good stuff dude, but like Josh said, film with different angles/locations/distances and it wouldve been a bit better.

Haha havent heard that jam in forever, but I really liked how you sorta added the parts w/ Mr. Rogers in. Love that guy