Movements Project Teaser

Coming soon from Gizzyo and PatrickCondon.

that is a link to this project’s website but I am as clueless as everyone else

EDIT: link removed due to top secretness;)

All I have to say is PURE WIN.

We may or may not have to party

I’ll get back to you guys on that, along with more info.

Am I the only one that’s completely lost?

Nope! More information coming soon!

This teaser video has been sitting in my account as unlisted for far too long and we just needed to get it out of our system!

Our good buddy Max seems to have beaten us to the punch with a [borked] link to our underdeveloped site that would officially tell you what this nonsense is about.

This meant I had to work a bit ahead of schedule to get it finished [read: tolerable] for you guys!

Once we officially start the Project, videos will be updated whenever the time allows. We’ll update you on when this happens to give you a heads up to check out that site.

More coming soon