Most selections of YOYOJAM & YOYO FACTORY 1A best metal ! VOTE it !

which you think is the best yoyo ever you tried or you love the most`

Fiesta isn’t a 1a yoyo or a metal.

And your missing a lot. Just saying



he’s just doing YYJ and YYF.

but your missing,

Axiom, Eneme, night moves 5, big deal, mighty flea, MVP, Adjust-o-matic, California, 401sd, DNA, skyline, cut 22, night moves 1, night moves 2, night moves 3, night moves 4.

Glad my main throw is on the vote.

you guys want me to show all the yoyo here for voting?

Well I don’t really understand the exact point of the post/poll. I mean are you asking us all what our Favorite Throw is that we’ve ever tried? Or Favorite Metal Throw that we’ve ever tried? Are you looking for the best Metal Throw? The Best of YYJ & YYF? The best of THOSE Throws?

If you’re looking for OUR Favorite, well it would be better to just ask. Cause you’ve really only listed less then 1/10th of the Throws available, or that were Available (cause some may have Favorites that aren’t made anymore). These forums seem to be mainly populated with General-Yo Fans.

Or people like me that’s Favorite Throw is Plastic, Duncan Freehand. As for Metal… I’ve yet to Throw a Metal I really “loved.” If I were pressed to choose… I suppose I’d go with the Original YYF F.A.S.T. 401k. But I haven’t tried the new one.

Would feel better about my vote if 888 didn’t have that X after it.

I wonder if these polls will ever come to an end.

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no… no they won’t :wink:

whoo! Genesis is the top one xD