Most of my collection FS/FT LF Any and All metal 3A sets,CODE 1's

I am looking for all metal 3a sets, CODE 1’s Don’t care about condidtion have some stuff for trade and i would be willing to sell stuff as well
(if you want to know the condition or More pictures PM me

Here is a picture of what i have to trade

(list goes from top to bottom right to left)
Addiction,Legacy,Genesis,New breed,Yuuksta,Cyclotron,Takeshi FHZ, Silicone recessed FHZ,T5,Original Speeder,Single side Pad recessed FHZ (siliconed),Large Bearing SPR’d FHZ,Agape,PGM (stackless),Y-factor,Spinfactor HG,Maverick,Mericle,lumonius,FHZ,Lumonius,Silicone recessed FHZ

You might want to take a brighter pic, and list what is there, hard to tell what most are