MoonageMin & Twitch's Trick-a-Week Challenge! (2020)

Got it!!


So it’s not perfect…but that’s okay. I can say that I’ve now completed this trick for the week and for that I’m happy!
This trick has been a real challenge for me. It’s been frustrating and I’ve wanted to give up on it multiple times.
But the important thing here…is I didn’t. I kept on keeping on…I worked through the frustration and continued to work on it regardless.
I really do think struggling is a good thing with this hobby. And being able to push through that struggle without throwing in the white towel is key.

Oh, and I’m also pretty happy with this lighting setup. I think it works pretty well…you can easily see the string and my yo. I would like to have a bit of a closer shot…but my dang camera doesn’t zoom in so I have to place my tripod closer and I’m afraid that if I bring it much closer, I’m going to hit it with my yo.

Also…the song I was listening too is actually a pretty cool video on youtube. There’s a really neat electronic instrument called an Eigenharp…




Are you ready~~~~~!!!
New trick drops in 6 minutes.




Okay gang,

We have a sick trick lined up for everyone this week.

**This week we have my friend Gemma Planell joining us as our guest star to teach us how to yoyo, please give a warm welcome to @JustAnotherYoYoEr **
(oops, looks like I might have tagged the wrong person earlier)

Gemma is the current 1A National Champion of Spain and when I met her exactly a month ago today she showed me this trick and it was like woah!

I can see this trick melting into all our combos and daily routines and will also as an outcome help us hit out mounts and elements cleaner, learn to flow from one trick or element to the next by learning how to blur the lines between elements and have the next one starting just before the previous one has actually landed.
A bit like crossfading between songs, which will be amazing to have as a skill.

The trick is called Smoothie because it’s smoothhhhh.

Gemma made this video especially just for us so massive shout out and a big thanks to Gemma.

Finally for more cool moves, check out her Instagram which is ge4yo

So without much further ado on to the trick!

Also for the keen ones out there she has also made a video for you guys to work on after you complete this trick.


haha holy goodness what a cool looking trick!

Thank you SO much @Another_yoyo_kid for making this video just for us! I think that is so freaking awesome of you!! How exciting! :smiley:

Really looking forward to dig in on this one!!


LOL if I tried the under the leg thing…I’d be on the ground quick! >.<’


If you guys already watched the second video you might have been like :scream::scream::scream::scream: is she kidding?

Some of you might have realised that this was a spoof joke video :slight_smile:
Ge’s super nice and funny in real life and it’s kind of cool to see some of her character coming through in these videos.

Here is the real video on next tips :rofl:




I can do it with the Endgame, but it definitely takes more effort to make it flop.


Somebody start a 5A version of this.


May is 5A month…maybe we can do some freehand then? :smiley:

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I just want more than one thing a week and I think 5A is cool. I just suck at it and find myself rarely practicing it.:grimacing:


Thank you for finding this trick. It looks fun, but, like most tricks I learn, it will take a lot of effort.


Was working on this one a bit last night…it’s another fun one to work on! /phew…lol I’m so ready for something fun this week…Duck Pond was not all that fun for me! It wasn’t horrible…but it was just very frustrating.
I can do everything up to the very last bit of the trick (though nowhere near as smooth as Gemma!). That mount at the end is completely new to me so it’s going to take a bit of time for me to get use to it.

Have you worked on it at all @MoonageMin?


Not yet @twitch77
My sister in law came over to visit us from Malaysia with her wife and arrived yesterday and staying with us for a few days before holidaying around Europe. So didn’t get much chance to yoyo yesterday :frowning:
Probably will start working on it tonight, then tomorrow is New Year’s Eve, so I don’t think I’ll get a chance to until Thursday again.


Oh sure.
Excuses, excuses!

lol :rofl:

I hope you have a great time with your family man! :smiley:


Haha for sure but this period is always busy, I’m sure it’s same for most people too.

Have a friend visiting from HongKong that we are meeting up for New Year’s Eve and traditionally we always spend our New Years Day st my parents’ house. So other than tonight, I might not get a chance until Thursday :slight_smile:
Still will try and pick up a yoyo every chance I get. But I do like to have some stretch of time to work on new things so it might be just to play for fun on those occasions.


I can hear the family now - “Where is Minsok?” “Oh, he is sneaking a yoyo break in the garden”

(Both my parents were cigarette smokers. When a certain relative, who didn’t want people to know she occasionally enjoyed a smoke, would visit, she would sneak off to smoke. As an adult, I realized this was a perfect plan as everything that entered my parents home immediately smelled of smoke.)