Seriously it looks like this has been a problem for like forever. Mondial has no tutorial video, and it seems like most people don’t mind, but I am in a position to do a lot of learn (NEWB).  So it sounds like the original trick video was lost now it sounds like you half to go to
to get a down load of the video. It sort of works but that is besides the point.

Any who when will mondial be fixed newbs like myself want to know.

I’ve always wondered why the Mondial video kept asking me to download a plugin …
I guess it’s because it doesn’t even exist in the first place. ::slight_smile:

No, it does exist. It’s an mpg file, unlike .swf/.flv like the other ones. Which is probably why your browser is acting like that.

Pop N’ Fresh isn’t Mondial.  Whenever you try to watch the Mondial video, it always say Mondial in like Dark Magic words.  It’s odd.

watch the first 50 seconeds :wink:
pop n fresh is mondial then reverse mondial

And also, after I stopped yoyoing six months ago(temporarily due to the need to get my studies back on track), when I came back to yoyoing and visited this site. I realised that the Mondial video text still displays ‘This text coming soon…’, so I just wanted to ask, is the text really coming soon? ??? If it is not planned to be there, I think it should be stated explicitly, so as not to cause some people to keep waiting for the text.