Mondial trick?

please put in the trick mondial in the trick section.
am i the only one who noticed that?

no i noticed that too ???
i just skipped it and hopefully it will be updated soon :slight_smile:

Mondial is just the first pop from Pop ‘N’ Fresh and then dismount. Just learn Pop ‘N’ Fresh and you are good to go.

me to ???

how do you learn pop n’ fresh if you dont know mondial?

You watch the bloody video for pop’n fresh

youtube it ;D

I found this video to be helpful.

EDIT: Mods, if you don’t want me posting YYN’s tutorials, just let me know and I can remove the video. :slight_smile:

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What’s even funnier- when you look up the expert village video of Andre teaching mondial, it’s actually leg wrap trap lol. look it up. Maybe this is why it is missing from the trick section of this website. Mondial is never to be learned muhahahahaa. Seriously though, look up pop n fresh or watch other youtube videos on the matter.