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Hey guys, living in Alberta, Canada.

***** prices are in canadian *******

Thought I’d get back into throwing and was using a Bi metal shutter for a few months. Splurged and bought a Hinemosu and a Shutter Evo.

Since recovering from surgery I have not thrown and the evo and Hinemosu have seen an hour playtime. There brand new and I’m looking to sell them, school costs.

If anyone is interested PM me.
Brand new TP Hinemosu, and brand new Shutter Evo.

Can throw in 80 bulk Alphaline strings as well.

May consider the Bi metal shutter as well.

$150.CAD Evo (stupid cheap)
$200 CAD Hinemosu (stupid cheap…)
$100 CAD bi metal shutter ( stupid cheap)

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