Modder recognition

Just a thought I had today.

Yes, I’ve been doing some purchasing(not trading) through BST, and there’s a system in place for ranking users in that. This is good. Sorta like Ebay feedback.

But what about modders?

Now, on one hand, I BOUGHT a yoyo from a modder and it was also modified. This one can definitely go in the BST feedback due to the sale element. But I’d also like to credit the mod element. Although, I did credit this in the detailed description.

I send off another yoyo to another modder to have a silicone recess done to both sides(different modder). Since no sale was involved, I’d like to credit the experience as well once I get it back sometime next week. I guess since I also bought a yoyo from this individual, it can go in BST feedback as well.

I’m just saying that I think some of the up and coming modders and painters, as well as established ones should have a way of being acknowledged for their work outside of the stickied posting in the modifications area that credits modders who are doing good work.

So, is it appropriate to have modders rated as well?

Seems kinda pointless if you ask me.

Try this:

List of Trustworthy Modders,5371.0.html

I think ranking mods you didn’t have a modder do your self woulnd’t be a good idea, I have modders make me stuff no one would like and they would never make them selfs but I find them very nice. So if I sold that mod, and someone saw it and hated it they might be inclined to trash talk the modder rather then my crummy idea.

I read that, but there’s a difference between a posting/threat like that and satisfied users providing feedback.